We, as a “Genisys Technologies” have established corporate in 2018 with the aim to be a leading supplier of switchgear panel materials and solar power panel components.

We aim to provide single source supply solution for our valued customer who are mainly engaged in manufacturing of medium voltage switchgear panel as well as for solar power panel.

Highly qualify manpower who directed towards building customer delight by way of customer relationship management.

Decent order handling service with comply with the marketing standards and followed by the precise set of processes of routine work for ensuring our customer for their on-time delivery. A well advanced state-of-the-art infrastructure facility to ensure quality work atmosphere.

We manage our customer journey with continuous focus on competitive price, uncompromising quality and on time delivery it allows us to build and establishing great customer patronage.

Product Range

Genisys Technologies - India's leading switchgear solution company provides quality product that helps the tranformation of Electrical Industries.

The widest range of products for every need with latest technology.

Our Product Prtfolio includes LV & MV Switchgear Components Like Relay, Cum Switches, Rail Mounting Bracket, Rail Mounting Clips, PCB, Connector, Ampmeter, Voltmeter, DC relay, Pace Heater, Fuse, Toggle Switch, MCB, Control relays, Protective relays, Surge arrestors and many more.

We also Do Machining works like Precision Parts, Die Casting, CNC Turned Parts, CNC Punching, CNC Milling, Electrical discharge machining etc.

In addition to above, our Solar Division, we also supply Inverter, Solar Panel Modules, Solar Array Mounting Racks, Bettery Pack, Power Meter, Utility Meter, Kilowatt Meter, Backup Generator, Charge Controller.

Further, we are also channel prtners for capital equipments like CNC Machines, Winding Machines and Injection Moulding Machines.

Industry Outreach

Our widest range of products includes main four segments which are Switchgear Panel, Solar Panel, CNC machining work and Capital Equipments.

All our customer whose these product which included in these four segment can be divided in below category those are.

  • LV & MV Switchgear Panel Builder

  • Solar Panel Project Contractor and Their Service Engineers

  • Machining Tools & Mould Supplier

  • Fabricators and Transformer Manufacturer

Our Strength

Wide range of product portfolio for every needs of electrical and mechanical industry. Every products passes through 100% quality tests and committed to supply with zero defect policy. Highly qualified management personal that build our corporate umbrella with complete strength and integrity which ensure our client journey beyond customer delight.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the globally best leading supplier where “Genisysy Technologies” is a brand name for most desirable quality products and services.

Our Mission

Our mission to provide best supply product with competitive product price, un-compromised quality accompanied by transparent services. Forming customer journey form “customer satisfaction” to “customer delight” by way of continuous improvement on price, quality and service.

Quality Policy

We apply Zero tolerance policy for our entire product. We believe, good quality is inbuilt part of product and that value has to be delivered to customer. Continuous improvement in quality is our inseparable movement towards our goal path.